Halloween Madness for Poser

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Halloween Madness for Poser


Halloween Madness for Poser

Poser Halloween Content

The James Skeleton includes:

Skeleton, Eye Balls, Top Hat, Cane

Grey Alien includes:

Grey Alien Figure, Grey Skin and Eye Textures

Grey Alien Expansion includes:

Robe, Shoulder Pads & Associated Textures and Material Poses

Grey Alien Series Commando Clothing Set includes:

Commando Suit, Boots, Gloves, 2 Smart Props with Textures, 2 Poses for use with Blasters

G2Male Clown includes:

Clown jumper, Shoes, Unicycle, Horn, Juggling Pins, Balloons, Red Nose, Rainbow Wig

Grey Alien Travel Series, France includes:

Beret, Slacks, Shirt, Gloves, Neckerchief, Shoes, Bonus Mime Face Texture

Crow includes:

Crow Figure, 5 Poses, 5 Textures, Over 20 morphs

Horned Owl includes:

Horned Owl Figure, 4 Poses, Textures and Morphs for feathrers, wings and eyes.

Raven includes:

Raven Figure, Poses, Textures, Over 20 morphs

G2 Female Clown includes:

Shoes, Shirt, Skirt, Stockings

Black Widow includes:

Spider figure for Poser, 3 Material Collections, Hand painted 'Black Widow' Texture, Plus 3 bonus spider web props

Halloween Cat includes:

Halloween Cat figure, 5 poses, 5 textures

Toon Mummy includes:

Toon Mummy Figure, Poses, Walk Cycle, Face Morphs, Hand Controls

Toon Female Zombie includes:

Female Zombie Figure, Poses, Crawl and Walk Cycles, Face Morphs, Hand Controls

Toon Male Zombie includes:

Male Zombie Figure, Poses, Crawl and Walk Cycles, Face Morphs, Hand Controls