The Military Transport Pack for Poser

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The Military Transport Pack for Poser


The Military Transport Pack for Poser - RPublishing

Pack includes 10 a total of ten individual Military products:

  • Apache Helicopter
  • Blackhawk Helicopter
  • Huey Helicopter
  • Littlebird Helicopter
  • Panzer IV Tank
  • WW2 Akagi - Japanese Aircraft Carrier
  • WW2 Battleship - USS Missouri
  • WW2 Destroyer - USS Kidd
  • WW2 Liberty Ship - WF Cody
  • WW2 PT Boat
  • The Apache Helicopter is based on the real, advanced attack helicopter. It comes with the usual moving parts (with proper limits set): opening doors, moving control sticks, rotating blades, and separate weapons props.

    The Blackhawk Helicopter is based on the Blackhawk helicopter, currently used by the US armed forces. It comes with the usual moving parts (with proper limits set): opening doors, sliding doors, moving control sticks, and rotating blades. All non-logical dials are hidden- for example, you can't rotate the rear doors, so the rotate dials aren't shown. And new for this model- all parts are "locked" so you can't accidentally twist or move a part.

    The Huey Helicopter is inspired by the Iroquois Helicopter, better known as the "Huey". From the "Military Analysis Network" website, the Huey Helicopter is described as the "most widely used military helicopter" the Bell UH-1 series Iroquois, better known as the "Huey", began arriving in Vietnam in 1963. Before the end of the conflict, more than 5,000 of these versatile aircraft were introduced into Southeast Asia. "Hueys" were used for MedEvac, command and control, and air assault; to transport personnel and material; and as gun ships. Considered to be the most widely used helicopter in the world, with more than 9,000 produced from the 1950s to the present, the Huey is flown today by about 40 countries.

    The Littlebird Helicopter is based on the helicopter that is also known as the "Loach" which is a highly versatile aircraft used in missions ranging from scouting to attacking to police work. The Littlebird helicopter is the perfect companion to my Executive Helicopter: the Littlebird was frequently used by the "bad guys" to attack Airwolf.

    The Panzer IV has four fully featured models of the Panzer IV from 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945 and appropriate textures for each. Fully working tracks, both forwards and backwards, independant or with a single dial. Opening hatches for the commander, driver and radio operator, opening engine hatch and stowage bin, and opening doors on the turret "skirts". Traversable turret and elevating main gun and machine gun. Detailed interior, removeable extras like spare wheels and tools, and removeable extra track links. Highly detailed but with a low polygon count.

    The WW2 Akagi Japanese Aircraft Carrier includes Authentically painted wooden flightdeck with operating aircraft elevators, Maindeck with diamond plate at bow and stern, Authentic details such as liferafts, boats and six steam launches, Mainmast for displaying naval, national and signal flags, Detailed island with posable range finders, Six 8-in. guns in casemate mounts, Twelve 12cm dual-purpose guns in six dual mounts, Twenty-eight 25mm AA guns in fourteen dual mounts, Anchors that can be hidden for use with chain props.

    The WW2 Battleship USS Missouri was the last of the Iowa-class battleships launched, the ultimate design of the big-gun ships. With 84 gun mounts, comprising 160 separate guns, the ship could hold its own against any ship in the world, and the class was the mainstay of air defence for the fast carrier fleets of the Pacific war. Able to hurl 2,700 lb. shells a distance of 42,300 yards, the Iowas saw action in every war fought by the US up to the Gulf War. The USS Missouri was the site of the formal surrender of the Japanese Empire, September 2, 1945. WW2 Battleship includes the Battleship with poses, mat poses, and Props listed below:

    The WW2 Destroyer USS Kidd is also similar to the Battleship.

    The WW2 Liberty - WF Cody is wonderfully detailed. The self-defense guns are a 3-in. dual-purpose gun on the bow, a 5-in. gun on the stern to fight U-boats and surface raiders, and eight 20mm cannon for anti-aircraft defense. All are completely posable. Particular to this ship are a working wheel and engine telegraph on the flying bridge. The props include stowed and rigged versions of the cargo booms (loaded as sets or individually), stowed and deployed versions of the gangways, 48-star flags, jack flags, a full set of signal flags, anchor chain props and more.

    Our WW2 PT Boat is a good example of this concentrated firepower. On the foredeck are a 37mm autocannon, and a 20mm AA cannon. Amidships there are two dual 50cal. Browning machine guns, and another 20mm. Aft is a devastating 40mm AA cannon, and, of course, there are the four Mk.13 torpedoes. Also aft was a tank to dispense titanium tetrachloride gas as a dense, white smoke.