Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe

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Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe


Keep Your Mac Performing in Peak Condition
Spring Cleaning streamlines performance by locating files that slow down your Mac. Increase functionality by uncovering corrupt data. Find, compare, archive or delete needless files and recover valuable disk space. Retake control of your Mac!

What Can Spring Cleaning Deluxe Do For You?

Keep Your Mac running at Peak Performance
Keep your Mac running efficiently with a wide array of tools. Schedule tasks to clear clutter and repair permissions. Manage photos, documents and more.

Know What’s on Your Mac & Where to Find It

Locate any data on your Mac such as hidden
installer files, duplicate documents, email
attachments, misplaced photos and more.

Enjoy Peace-of-Mind with Automatic Backup

Easily archive specific folders and files to an
alternate hard drive or removable USB drive.
You can even backup online to websites, FTP
and MobileMe.

Improve Your Mac’s Stability
Ensure your Mac is running smoothly and
free of potential errors. Spring Cleaning tracks
down and identifies any corrupt files located
your system.

The Freedom to Change Your Mind
It’s not uncommon to be nervous about deleting unknown files from your Mac. Be secure knowing that almost any change you make in Spring Cleaning can be undone.
Search for Redundant Files
Track down the duplicate files located throughout your system with Duplicate Finder.™ Remove the ones you want and dramatically save on disk space.

View All The Files on Your Hard Drive
See how files and folders are using disk space on your Mac. Detailed information and visual charts give a complete picture of everything on your Mac, in one convenient tool.

Effortlessly Share Large Files Online
Say goodbye to email size restrictions with SendStuffNow (formerly called StuffIt Connect). Easily send files upto 2GB in size! Upload and share your important files with 1 year of free service.*

Find Hidden Application Files

Applications can install files in multiple locations
on your hard drive, so dragging it to the trash
doesn’t get rid of everything. MacUninstaller™
will keep your Mac clean!

Easily Compare Your Files
Multiple and varied versions of certain files?
Compare them side-by-side and know which
ones to keep with QuickCompare.

System Requirements

Macintosh®:Mac OS X 10.4.2, 10.5 or 10.6 running on a G4 with built-in fire-wire. 300MB of disk space. Scripting support is only available for machines running 10.5. Please Note: This software package is not Mac 10.7 Lion compatible.

* After your free one-year subscription has expired, you must purchase a new subscription plan to continue using SendStuffNow (formerly called StuffIt Connect).